Cesspool Conversion Working Group

The Department of Health (DOH) has been authorized by Act 132 of SLH 2018 to establish a cesspool conversion working group.  The purpose of this working group is to develop a long-range, comprehensive plan for cesspool conversion statewide for all cesspools by 2050.

Act 132 provided a list of objectives that will be evaluated by the working group.  The group is required to submit an interim report of its preliminary findings and recommendations, including proposed legislation, to the legislature no later than December 31, 2019, and shall submit a final report, including findings, recommendations, and any proposed legislation, to the legislature no later than twenty days prior to the convening of the regular session of 2021.

New Professional Services Contracts for Cesspool Conversion Technology and Finance Research Awarded to Carollo Engineers, Inc.:

Professional Services for Cesspool Conversion Technology Research – Carollo Engineers, Inc.

Professional Services for Cesspool Conversion Finance Research – Carollo Engineers, Inc.

Best and Final Offer – Carollo Engineers, Inc.

Both contracts were awarded to Carollo Engineers, Inc. on July 24, 2019


Cesspool Working Group Members

Name Organization
1 Bruce Anderson, Chair Director, DOH
2 Ted Bohlen Deputy Attorney General
3 Stuart Coleman Surfrider Organization
4 Senator Kalani English Senate
5 Charlene Lani Fernandez Bank of Hawaii
6 Ken Hiraki Hawai’i Association of Realtors
7 Jason Kagimoto Chief, Wastewater Div., County of Kauai
8 Lori Kahikina Director, Department of Environmental Services, City and County of Honolulu
9 William Kucharski Director, County of Hawaii, Department of Environmental Management
10 Dr. Darren T. Lerner Director, UH Sea Grant and the Pacific Islands Climate Science Center
11 Representative Nicole Lowen House of Representatives
12 David Albright EPA Region 9
13 Eric Nakagawa Chief, County of Maui, Wastewater Division
14 Erica Perez Coral Reef Alliance
15 Sina Pruder Wastewater Branch, DOH
16 Dr. Kawika Winter Manager, He’eia National Estuarine Research Reserve, Hawai’i Institute for Marine Biology
17 Michael Mezzacapo UH Water Resources Research Center


Meetings and Minutes

Meeting Date Agenda Minutes
9-13-18 agenda minutes
10-9-18 agenda minutes
 11-15-18 agenda minutes
 1-18-19 agenda minutes
 3-28-19 agenda minutes
6-21-2019  agenda minutes
10-02-19  agenda minutes