Frequently Asked Questions

Passengers on flights between the islands are now required to complete a mandatory Traveler Health Form before they board a plane for an interisland flight. We ask for your help in providing complete answers. This will help ensure timely follow up and contact tracing as well as identify travelers who may benefit from testing and health information. Most importantly, you will be helping us keep Hawai‘i healthy!

Here are some common questions and answers about this new procedure. 

Q: Why do I have to fill out the form? 

A: The information is needed to protect the health and safety of everyone during the COVID-19 pandemic. It is being collected to help the Department of Health keep us all safe. 

Q: Does everyone have to fill out the form? 

A: Yes—all passengers flying interisland must fill out the form no more than 24 hours before the flight. 

Q: Do children need to fill out the form? 

A: If a child, 17 years-of-age or younger, is flying with the parent/guardian, the parent/guardian must add the child to their form, but they only need to fill out the name, date of birth, and health information for the child.

If the child is flying alone, the entire form must be completed. A parent/guardian can complete the form no more than twenty-four hours before the flight. The airlines will not be involved in the process.

Q: What if I refuse to fill out the form? 

A: You will not be allowed to board the plane and fly. The Governor’s Emergency Proclamation provides the legal authority for the government to require these forms before people are allowed to fly between islands. 

Q: Will there be a form for non-english speaking travelers?

A: The form is only available in English at this time, but airport screeners are using a device called “Pocket Talk” to help a non-english speaking traveler complete the form. They can speak English into the device, which can then translate their words into one of 74 languages. It has worked well with people who do not speak English. Visitor Information Program airport employees, who are working on the passenger verification process, do speak other languages as well. 

Q: How long will it take me to fill out the form? 

A: It should take no more than two to five minutes if you have your information readily available. 

Q: Can the form be filled out in advance?

A: The health information should be filled in no more than 24 hours in advance. The more current the information, the more useful it is.

Q: Can I complete the online form on my phone or another mobile device?

A: Yes, the form can be complete on your phone or other mobile device. After you complete the form you will be emailed a QR code which will be scanned at the airport on your smart phone.

Q: What if I cannot complete the form online from my phone or computer?

A: The airports will have tablets available for you to use to fill out the form. Please plan to arrive early to allow for time to fill out the form.

Q: What if the address on my driver’s license is different than my home address or I have an out of state license?

A: Bring a utility bill with your name and address so that screeners may verify you are Kamaʻaina.

Q: For an interisland roundtrip flight, do you need a form for both flights? 

A: Yes, travelers will be required to fill out the form each flight, even if the flight occurs on the same day. You will be temperature checked each time you take a flight. 

Q: How long will these new procedures be in place? Will interisland travelers have to fill out these forms forever? 

A: At this time, these procedures are in place until further notice. It is unlikely that we will have to fill out these forms permanently for interisland travel, but the current pandemic has demonstrated the value of proactive measures. Even with the eventual passing of the COVID-19 crisis, the State of Hawai‘i will be putting in place laws, policies, and measures that will allow for faster and more effective responses to future crises. This form may be one of those measures. 

Q: I am only traveling for the day and will be returning the same day, what should I list for my address at the destination island as I do not have one?

A: Please list an address of where you will be going such as your work address, the address of where you will be securing a rental car, or an attraction that you will be visiting.

Q: What is the question “Have you signed a 14-day quarantine order that is currently in effect?” and how should I answer it? 

A: If you have traveled to Hawai‘i from out of state within the last 14 days you should have signed a 14-day quarantine agreement at the airport upon arrival. Only indicate yes to this question if you have not completed the 14-day quarantine. If you have not traveled from out of the state, you would indicate no.

Q: What happens if I indicate I have symptoms? 

A: If you have indicated you have a fever, chills, a new cough, a sore throat, or that you have taken fever reducing medicine, you will be taken to secondary screening and offered a COVID-19 swab with test results available generally after 24-48 hours, provided health information, and will be allowed to board as long as you do not have a fever measured by the temperature screen. 

If your temperature screen does indicate a temperature above 100.4 degrees, you will be taken to secondary screening and offered a COVID-19 swab with test result available generally after 24–48 hours, provided health information, and will NOT be allowed to board. 

Download the Hawai‘i COVID-19 Traveler Information Sheet for information on COVID-19.

Q: If I have an underlying medical condition that would require me to indicate “yes” to some of the symptoms on the form, will I be allowed to fly and how will my information be protected? 

A: Your indicated information will not be questioned further, and you will only be asked if you would like to be swabbed for COVID-19. You will not be asked to explain your symptoms. Your privacy is very important, and all screening personnel are trained to safeguard your information.

Q: I have not had the Flu shot, will I be allowed to fly? 

A: Yes.

Q: What is the purpose of asking if I have had a flu vaccination in the last year? 

A: Understanding flu vaccination will allow the Department of Health to understand how we may need to target prevention activities and resources as a lot of the COVID-19 symptoms are the same as the flu. Asking if you have had a flu vaccination also allows us to understand if you may be at risk for flu in addition to COVID. Testing for both COVID-19 and other respiratory pathogens, including flu, is offered to symptomatic travelers.

Q: What is being done with this form after I have turned it in?

A: The data from the forms are scanned and transferred to a secure database so the Department of Health can both use the information for disease investigations/contact tracing and analyze the overall data for trends that may suggest potential disease risks. The forms themselves are shredded once the electronic data are secured and verified.

Q: How will the state prove if someone is flying while still under the mandatory traveler quarantine? 

A: All travelers flying interisland will have their names checked against a list of individuals who are required to be in 14-day traveler quarantine. 

Q: How will the state be able to tell if someone is providing accurate information or not? 

A: The state will verify that your name and address match your government issued ID, and screeners will make sure your telephone number is accurate. This information is critical for contact tracing. If your information cannot be verified, you won’t be allowed to fly. 

Q: What happens if you haven’t had a flu vaccine or if you can’t remember when you had it? 

A: If you haven’t had the flu vaccine, please just fill in the blank for no. If you can’t remember when you had it, please guess as best you can. 

Q: What if a person becomes ill while on the flight? What’s the process for that? 

A: Each airline has a process for ill passengers. A paramedic team will meet the plane at the gate upon arrival for an assessment of the passenger. This is standard even in non-COVID-19 times. 

Q: If I am directed to secondary screening what can I expect and will I have to pay for this test?

A: You will be offered a COVID-19 viral test which you can choose to accept. You will be asked to sign a consent form accepting, or denying the testing and given some informational documents. Thanks to support from Federal funds the state has been granted, you will not be responsible for paying for the testing. 

Q: Who is collecting the traveler form and taking my temperature? 

A: Trained personnel are at the health check point in airports. It varies between all of Hawai‘i’s airports on who these personnel are; however, they are all trained to safeguard your private information.

Q: I was screened at the airport, what happens next?

A: If you have a fever, you will not be allowed to board your flight and should return home to recover. If you do not have a fever, you will be directed to continue to TSA and board your flight.

Note: Arrive early to avoid delays and missing flights 

Q: If I’m refused entry to a concourse based on this form, can I get a full refund for my flight? 

A: Please check with your airline on its refund/cancellation policy. 

Q: How much additional time will the submittal of this form and clearance to a TSA checkpoint take? 

A: That will depend on the number of passengers. Generally, it’s expected to take, approximately two to five minutes per passenger to confirm your contact information. 

Q: Will the airlines hold flights for people who get stuck in a travel form line? 

A: In general, flights will not be held for late arriving passengers. It is up to the passenger to arrive at the airport early enough to complete the process, pass through the security checkpoint and be at their assigned gate before the boarding door closes. 

Q: If the screening process causes a passenger to miss a flight, will the airline charge a change fee? 

A: After 9/11 we became accustomed to new security procedures. It’s expected people will quickly adjust to these new public health procedures, aimed at keeping everyone safe. Change fees are up to individual airlines. 

Q: If I’m told I can’t fly, how much time must pass before I can book another ticket? 

A: When you are told you can’t fly, you will receive guidelines on how to care for yourself and how to mitigate against the spread of any disease to loved ones and the community. Please use those guidelines in determining when it is appropriate for you to fly again. 

Q: What happens if I have a layover and then continue to another island? 

A: If the traveler’s final destination is a neighbor island, they will have to go through the current process for all arriving travelers entering the state, and then submit a new Traveler Health Form if they have to go through TSA again. For example, if passengers have a layover on the same airline, they will not need to go through the interisland screening process as they won’t leave the secured area. On the other hand, if they are on a different air carrier for a connecting flight, then they will need to exit the secured area to retrieve their luggage from the baggage claim and then fill out the Traveler Health Form prior to going through the TSA checkpoint.

Q: If a family unit is flying together and one of the family members is stopped from flying, will the rest of the family be allowed to board? 

A: Yes.

Q: What if I am traveling via a privately owned (non-commercial) airplane or helicopter, am I subject to the mandatory health form?

A: Currently the Department of Transportation is not screening at the smaller airports, so the form does not apply. If you are utilizing a large airport, please contact that respective airport to verify any processes they may have for you. Tours that do not leave their specific island are not subject to this form.

Q: I am traveling by boat between islands, do I need to fill out the mandatory health form?

A: Yes, the local authorities have requested that this form be used. Please contact the local port to find out the exact process for turning in the form.

Q: I am traveling out of Hawai‘i, do I need to fill out this form?

A: You only need to fill out this form for interisland travel, if you are leaving Hawai‘i you are not subject to this form at this time.

Q: I am traveling to Hawai‘i, what do I need to know?

A: Currently all travel to Hawai’i is subject to mandatory 14-day quarantine. The mandatory travel and health form is only for interisland travel at this time. For more information regarding interstate travel and quarantine questions please visit the Department of Transportation’s FAQ.

Getting Help

If you require additional assistance in completing the Traveler Health Form, Aloha United Way 211 will be answering questions and/or connecting you to the resources you need. Call 2-1-1 or 1-877-275-6569.

Please note that any questions about travel to Hawai‘i from the mainland or other countries are not able to be answered by the Department of Health or 211. 

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