Hazardous Waste FAQ and guidance documents

Managing Your Hazardous Waste: A Guide for Small Businesses (EPA)


Temporary Emergency Permit Guidance


Construction & Demolition Waste Disposal Guidance


Fluorescent Lamp Crushing Units


Lead Acid Battery Waste FAQ


Medical and Pharmaceutical Waste FAQ Important update December 2018


Pharmaceutical P-listed Hazardous Waste Residue Important update October 2016


Solvent-contaminated wipes – EPA’s frequently asked questions Added December 2018
Answers regarding container closure and use of plastic bags are under “accumulation.” Remember that Hawaii’s rule differs from the federal rule–the accumulation start date must be marked on each container.


Can I manage broken lamps as universal waste? Added December 2018
The Hazardous Waste Program adopted the federal rules for Universal Waste Lamps in chapter 11-273.1, Hawaii Administrative Rules (HAR), on July 17, 2017. Under the new regulations, handlers may now manage all lamps, including broken lamps, as universal waste. All handlers of universal waste must immediately clean up and place in a container lamps that are broken or show evidence of breakage, leakage, or damage that could cause the release of mercury or other hazardous constituents. Containers must be closed, structurally sound, and compatible with the contents of the lamps. Universal waste labeling/marking, accumulation time limits, shipping, and tracking rules apply. See chapter 11-273.1, HAR, and accompanying guidebooks.


How do I submit manifest copies to my State?
Hawaii does not require copies of hazardous waste manifests to be submitted to the State unless specifically requested by the Solid & Hazardous Waste Branch (for example, as a follow-up to a hazardous waste inspection).



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