EPA launched the e-manifest system nationally on June 30, 2018. To learn more about e-manifest, you can explore the direct links below or start from EPA’s e-manifest homepage.

7/31/19 update

EPA has announced new user fees, applicable to manifests started (signed by the generator) October 1, 2019 to September 30, 2021. Per manifest fees vary by manifest submission type, ranging from $8.00 for electronic manifests to $25.00 for mailed in paper manifests. The current most popular manifest submission type, data + image upload, will cost $14.00 per manifest. For more information, see EPA’s e-manifest user fees and payment information page.


5/7/19 updates
April 2019 webinar recording
– includes registration demo and review of common manifest errors. Note that the demo is conducted in pre-production but users need to register in the production version of the system.5/7/19 updates

    • EPA will be continuing a webinar series the last Wednesday of each month at 2pm Eastern time (for March to October, this will be 8am Hawaii time)
  • Job title and mailing address on user profiles can be changed by calling the CDX help desk at 833-501-6826.
  • EPA’s paper processing center is working through the backlog of mailed paper manifests and expects to catch up within a few months.
  • Per manifest fees are expected to increase on October 1, 2019. The new fee schedule should be posted on EPA’s e-manifest website by July 1, 2019.

11/2/18 updates:

  • Public reports on RCRAInfo Web are now available (beignning 11/1/18). Manifest information related to COIs will be in the e-manifest system, but will be withheld from public disclosure.
  • Ability to correct manifests after submission by TSDF is now available.
  • EPA will be continuing a webinar series the last Wednesday of each month at 2pm Eastern time (for November to February, this will be 9am Hawaii time)
  • E-manifest system is currently accepting all manifests, including manifests containing certain P- and U-listed wastes (chemicals of interest or COIs). EPA has completed review of security controls related to these wastes. Manifest information related to COIs will be in the e-manifest system, but will be withheld from public disclosure.
  • New functionalities to be tested in pre-production this fall: Manifest preparation by brokers and transporters.

Each individual who will sign manifests electronically needs to have their own user account in the RCRAInfo Industry Application. We recommend that all sites have at least one Site Manager, preferably two, sign up for user accounts. The Site Manager is like a “super user” who manages the user accounts of other users for a site. The Site Manager can also use myRCRAid within the RCRAInfo Industry Application to submit updates to the Site ID form (EPA Form 8700-12).

  1. You can go directly to the RCRAInfo Industry Application to sign up for a user account. You will need to be able to access your e-mail account to complete the registration process. Click on “register” and “continue to industry user registration.”
  2. There are online courses you can take explaining the basics of e-manifest, how to sign up for a user account, and what Site Managers do. First, go to Learning Zen to register for an account. Complete the requested information and use the authorization code “rcrainfo”. Then, log in and click on “course catalog” and “all courses.”
      Or, after you sign up for an account, these direct links will take you to courses by signing in with your user account:
      list of all courses
      Introduction to e-manifest
      Industry user registration
      Site Manager roles and responsibilities
      Industry myRCRAid module
  3. Fact sheets for generatorstransportersTSDFs, and more.
  4. EPA’s answers to frequently asked questions
  5. Webinars recorded in May and June 2018:
      E-manifest system demonstration
      How to register for a user account
      What generators need to know
      What transporters need to know (slides)
      What receiving facilities need to know
      Pacific Islands e-manifest training (from EPA Region 9) (added 10/29/18)
  6. How to submit manifests (for TSDFs), including mailing address for paper manifests
  7. Information on fees to be paid by TSDFs


If you need assistance signing up for a user account or site permissions for a Hawaii site, please contact Noa Klein at [email protected] or (808) 586-4238.

(last updated July 31, 2019)