Procedure for Neurotrauma Special Fund Requests

Per Chapter 321H-4, Hawaii Revised Statutes (HRS): The Neurotrauma Special Fund (NSF) shall be used for funding and contracting for the services relating to neurotrauma as follows:

(1) Education on neurotrauma
(2) Assistance to individuals and families to identify and obtain access to services
(3) Creation of a registry of neurotrauma injuries within the State to identify incidence, prevalence, individual needs, and related information


1. A Neurotrauma Special Fund Request Form must be completed in full.

2. Department of Health (DOH) Neurotrauma Supports Staff will review and evaluate the proposal to ensure it aligns with Chapter 321H-4, HRS and is a responsible use of the Neurotrauma Special Fund. If DOH has any questions or suggestions, Neurotrauma Staff will work with the requesting organization to modify the request.

3. If DOH determines the request is an acceptable use of the Neurotrauma Special Fund, the requesting organization will need to obtain a recommendation to fund the proposal from the Neurotrauma Advisory Board (NTAB). DOH approval of the request is needed at least ten (10) working days prior to the NTAB meeting in order to be put on the agenda for that meeting. If NTAB has questions or suggestions for proposal modifications, the requesting organization may need to revise and return to present again at the next NTAB meeting. Please note: the NTAB is an advisory board that makes recommendations to DOH on the use of the Neurotrauma Special Fund, but DOH makes the final decision on funding the proposal.

4. If favorable NTAB and DOH recommendations are obtained, DOH will work with the requesting agency through the State Procurement Process.

5. A written agreement (e.g., contract, memorandum of agreement, or purchase order) between the State and the requesting organization needs to be completed and signed prior to the start of any work on the project.

Recommended Deadlines for Submitting the Request Form:

1. Conference Funding and Helmets: At least three (3) months in advance of event.

2. Request amounts less than $50,000: At least six (6) months in advance of a desired start date.

3. Request amounts of $50,000 or more: July 1st in the fiscal year prior to the desired start date. For example, if the desired start date falls between July 1, 2021 and June 30, 2022, the request form should be submitted by July 1, 2020.

Click HERE to download a request for Conference Funding.

Click HERE to download a request for Helmets.

Click HERE to download the form for all other requests to use the Neurotrauma Special Fund.

Please note: Submitting a request for funds by these deadlines increases the likelihood, but does not guarantee, that the written agreement will be fully executed by the desired start date. If you have more questions about applying to use the Neurotrauma Special Fund, please contact (808) 733-2134.