329 Application status


Registry Applicants – Please check your account at medmj.ehawaii.gov WEEKLY for registration status updates.

PLEASE BE ADVISED that “turnaround time” means the number of business days from the date that the Physician/APRN submits the electronic application to DOH to the date that DOH reviews the application and issues a 329 Card.

Incomplete applications that are returned to either the patient or the physician for corrections are NOT in queue and it is the patient’s/physician’s responsibility to make the required corrections and resubmit within 30 days.

Resubmitted applications have a new turnaround time frame based on the date it is resubmitted to DOH. All applications are reviewed/processed in the order received based on the date submitted/resubmitted.

  1. If you see:
    • Waiting for Activation“, your 329 Card has been processed and issued – but you have a current valid card – your new card will be mailed to you but will not become “Active” until your current valid card expires. IF you would like to activate your new 329 card upon receipt, please email us at [email protected] .
    • Submitted to Physician/APRN“, your application has NOT been submitted to DOH by your physician/APRN. Please follow up with your physician/APRN.
    • Submitted to DOH“, you application has been received by DOH, it has NOT been reviewed so it may NOT be complete. All applications are processed in the order received.
    • Waiting for patient or waiting for physician/APRN“, your application was NOT complete and was returned electronically. Check the email you used to register to see what corrections are needed, make the corrections and resubmit. If you do NOT see a 329 Registration Number your card has not been issued, yet.
    • Registration Number“, your 329 Card has been processed and issued. If you have an account at medmj.ehawaii.gov – sometime in February 2019 all cards will be electronic and you will be able to print and/or save a copy of your 329 card to your smartphone. If your physician/APRN created your application for you, you will not be issued an electronic card so please allow ample time for postal delivery. Be sure to check the mailing address on your application to be sure there are NO ERRORS that may cause a postal delivery delay. Some VALID address have taken up to 30 days for delivery. If your mailing address is WRONG – please review Changes to Application Information and email [email protected].