Appendix 4-A2b


Physiochemical Constants for Targeted PAHs

2VaporPressure Henry’s Law Constant (H)
3Targeted PAHs 1PhysicalState Molecular Weight mm Hg (25°C) (atm-m³/mol)
Semi-Volatile PAHs
(VP 0.1 to 1.0 OR Liquid at 25°C OR Henry’s Constant >1.0E-05)
3,4Subsample Multi Increment Bulk Sample at Laboratory Upon Receipt Without Drying
ACENAPHTHENE *SV S 154 2.2E-03 1.8E-04
ACENAPHTHYLENE *SV S 152 6.7E-03 1.5E-03
ANTHRACENE *SV S 178 6.6E-06 5.6E-05
FLUORENE *SV S 166 3.2E-04 9.5E-05
METHYLNAPHTHALENE, 1- *SV S 142 6.7E-02 5.1E-04
METHYLNAPHTHALENE, 2- *SV S 142 5.5E-02 5.1E-04
NAPHTHALENE *SV S 128 8.5E-02 4.4E-04
PHENANTHRENE *SV S 178 1.2E-04 3.9E-05
PYRENE *SV S 202 4.5E-06 1.2E-05
Non-Volatile PAHs
(VP <0.1 AND Solid at 25°C AND Henry’s Constant <1.0E-05)
4Dry and Sieve Multi Increment Samples for Preparation of Aliquots
BENZO(a)ANTHRACENE NV S 228 5.0E-09 1.2E-05
BENZO(a)PYRENE NV S 252 5.5E-09 4.6E-07
BENZO(b)FLUORANTHENE NV S 252 5.0E-07 6.6E-07
BENZO(g,h,i)PERYLENE NV S 276 1.4E-07
BENZO(k)FLUORANTHENE NV S 252 9.7E-10 5.9E-07
CHRYSENE NV S 228 6.2E-09 5.1E-06
DIBENZO(a,h)ANTHTRACENE NV S 278 9.6E-10 1.2E-07
FLUORANTHENE NV S 202 9.2E-06 8.8E-06
INDENO(1,2,3-cd)PYRENE NV S 276 1.2E-10 3.4E-07

Reference: Appendix 1, Table H in HEER Office Environmental Hazard Evaluation guidance (HDOH, 2016).

  1. Physical state of chemical at ambient conditions (V – volatile, SV – Semi-Volatile (*SV – Treated as “volatile” in USEPA risk assessment models if H >0.00001), S – solid, L – liquid, G – gas).
  2. Vapor Pressures from National Library of Medicine TOXNET or ChemID databases.
  3. PAHS – Eighteen targeted PAHs listed in Section 9 of the HEER Office TGM. Recommendation to subsample the Multi Increment sample without drying applies primarily to acenaphthene, acenaphthylene, anthracene, fluorene, methylnaphthalenes, naphthalene and phenanthrene and pyrene.
  4. Soil or sediment samples that consist entirely of <2mm material do not require drying and sieving to address fundamental error concerns, although some degree of drying and sieving may be desirable by the laboratory for testing purposes.