Construction EHMP Addendum

Posted on Jun 22, 2020 in All, EHMP

HEER has released a C-EHMP Addendum editable template and associated C-EHMP Addendum Request Form. The C-EHMP Addendum is for potential use for construction projects in lieu of completion of a full C-EHMP for sites that already have a thorough existing HDOH-approved site-specific or programmatic/area-wide EHMP. Prior to preparation of a C-EHMP Addendum, the C-EHMP Addendum Request Form must be competed and submitted to the HEER Office for approval. Following submittal of the C-EHMP Addendum Request Form, the HEER Office will determine whether it is appropriate to complete a C-EHMP Addendum to the site-specific or programmatic/area-wide EHMP, or if a more thorough full C-EHMP is necessary for the construction project.