Hawaii PrEP Physician Directory

The list of physicians attached to this site is for informational purposes only. The DOH makes no representation about the professional qualifications of any of the physicians on the list. If any physician desires to be included on this list, that physician can contact the DOH at 808-733-4390 and the DOH will include that physician’s name on the list.

Hawaii PrEP Provider List

*Notice: This directory includes a list of health care providers who expressed willingness to screen, prescribe, and monitor PrEP for HIV negative patients at high risk for becoming infected. The prescribers listed are a resource for those individuals whose primary care provider is unable or unwilling to prescribe PrEP to HIV negative patients at high risk for becoming infected. These providers are available for PrEP only at the clinic or institution listed, regardless of other affiliations. Only the providers listed have notified us of their willingness to see patients for PrEP. PrEP prescriptions are at the discretion of the health care provider.

Updated October 5, 2017