Replacing a Temporary Disability Parking Placard (Red)

Replace a Temporary Disability Parking Placard (Red) It was stolen, mutilated, or lost

To replace a Temporary Disability Parking Placard (Red) because it was lost, stolen, or mutilated, follow the steps below

  • Complete and sign side 1 of the Parking Permit Application Form (Form PA-1). Mark “Replacement of my Hawaii placard(s)” under item 10
  • You do not need to obtain a Hawaii licensed physician/APRN certification to replace a valid lost, stolen, or mutilated placard because the certification will be valid until the expiration date
  • Take the completed form to an issuing agency. Show a valid ID and pay the $12 fee. The issuing agency will issue a replacement placard and ID card. If your placard is mutilated (e.g., hanger is detached), the issuing agency will not charge a fee. However, you must submit the mutilated placard

Important to note:

  • The placard you are replacing will become invalid once you obtain a replacement. A person caught using a replaced placard will be issued a citation (minimum fine of $250)