Renewing a Long Term Disability Parking Placard (Blue)

Renew a Long Term Disability Parking Placard (Blue)

To renew your Long Term Disability Parking Placard (Blue), follow the steps below

  • Complete and sign side 1 of the Parking Permit Application Form (Form PA-2). Mark “I am renewing my long term placard” under item 10
  • Have your Hawaii licensed physician/APRN complete side 2 of the form
  • Mail the completed application form to the address below:
    • DCAB
      P.O. Box 3377
      Honolulu, HI 96801
  • This is a mail-in process only. Walk-ins will not be accepted. Allow 7-10 days for processing

Important to note:

  • Placards must be renewed every six (6) years, including certification of the qualifying condition by a Hawaii license physician/APRN
  • DCAB will mail your renewed placard and ID card to you along with a postage paid Business Reply Envelope for you to return your expired placard and ID card
  • The physician or Advanced Practice Registered Nurse’s signature is valid for up to 180 days if applying for a long term (blue) placard. Signatures must be original. Copies of any signatures will not be accepted.