Program and Policy Development

The Program and Policy Development Unit is responsible to:

  • Administer DCAB’s statutory responsibility to coordinate the parking program for persons with disabilities, per Chapter 291, Part III Hawaii Revised Statutes, and Chapter 11-219, Hawaii Administrative Rules.
  • Administer DCAB’s statutory responsibility for communication access, including credentialing Sign Language interpreters, and maintaining a current list of interpreters and other communication access providers, per Chapter 11-218, Hawaii Administrative Rules.
  • Provide information, training, and technical assistance about laws, rules, and programs that affect persons with disabilities.
  • Develop and maintain the DCAB web site.

Program and Policy Development Unit is staffed by Kirby Shaw, Staff Coordinator; Bryan Mick, Parking Program Specialist; Colin Whited, Communication Access Specialist; Kamaile Hopfe, Program Support Technician; and Geraldine Kealoha, Program Support Technician.