Industrial Activities NPDES Storm Water Permit Coverage

NPDES Permit for Storm Water Discharge from Industrial Activities

The following presentation introduces the NPDES permit program and shows you how to apply for general permit coverage for storm water discharge from industrial activities.
(Note: Some of the online application process has changed a little, but the main procedures are still covered)

You will need to apply online and mail/deliver to our office a submission package that must include:
1. The original Transmittal Requirements and Certification Statement for e-Permitting Notice of Intent (NOI) Submissions with the original ink signature of the Certifying Person indicated on your NOI form.
2. A CD or DVD with electronic documents that include at a minimum:

a. CWB NOI Form (Clean Water Branch Notice of Intent Form)
b. NOI Form B (Storm water discharge from industrial activities)
c. TMK (Tax Map Key) spreadsheet
d. Maps as required under B.3 of CWB NOI Form B above
e. (Additionally, if indicated on CWB NOI Form B, a Storm Water Pollution Control Plan, SWPCP, may need to be attached)

3. A check for payment (if payment was not made online)