CWB Begins Early Stakeholder Outreach for Draft Amendments to HAR 11-55 and HAR 11-55 Appendices CJL

Posted on Feb 7, 2023 in Announcements

Early Stakeholder Outreach on Proposed Draft
Hawaii Administrative Rules Chapter 11-55 (HAR 11-55) and HAR 11-55 Appendices CJL
February 8, 2023 Through March 1, 2023

The Department of Health (DOH), Clean Water Branch (CWB) is seeking early stakeholder written input on the proposed draft amendments to HAR 11-55 and NPDES General Permits C, J, and L. Copies of the proposed amendments and accompanying fact sheets are listed below. Please click on the links for the proposed rule or general permit amendment and corresponding fact sheet.

When preparing your comments, be sure to:

  • If commenting on a specific section of text, provide a citation for what text you are commenting on;
  • Explain your views as clearly as possible;
  • Describe any assumptions used;
  • Provide any technical information and/or data used to support your views;
  • Explain how you arrived at your estimate for potential burden, benefits, or costs;
  • Provide specific examples to illustrate your views; and
  • Offer alternatives.

Written comments will be accepted until March 1, 2023, 4:30 pm Hawaii time.

Please note that this is not the public comment process. This is early stakeholder outreach to solicit comments prior to the formal public notice and public comment process.

Email all written comments to: [email protected]. Include in your email subject line: “Attention Engineering Section Supervisor – Early Stakeholder Input.”

If you have any questions please contact the CWB.