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Addiction Recovery Meetings

Below are meeting schedules for in-person meetings, most of which can be expected to return to life after the lifting of the quarantine. Please send changes or corrections to W. Haning, MD.

In-Person Meetings:

Alcohol Anonymous (AA)

Al-Anon & Ala-Teen

Narcotics Anonymous (NA)


This is not intended to be a comprehensive list, but should provide a lifeline for those seeking a noncontact meeting. Those who obtain access to this schedule internationally or from the continental United States need to be attentive to the time zone; all meeting times are in Hawaii standard Time, as there is no daylight savings time in Hawaii.

The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) maintains a clearing-house for registries of national 12-step and other recovery organization resources, bearing principally on electronic meetings. It is noteworthy that while this is not an international directory and the meetings are generally conducted in English and less commonly in Spanish, by the nature of web enablement the meetings may be accessed by those dwelling outside the United States. Regardless of whom you may understand to be sponsoring the meeting or attending it, attendees should be autious regarding their level of self-disclosure.

This is meant as an encouragement to anonymity or at minimum, discretion.

  2. Online Intergroup of Alcoholics Anonymous
  3. 12-Step.Org
  4. Recovery Audio
  5. In the Rooms: A Global Recovery Community

Alcoholic Anonymous (AA)
Please note this is listed by day, one day at a time, so you need to shift tabs to see Saturday, Sunday, etc. Here is the full-sheet view.

Narcotics Anonymous (NA)
Again, please note this is listed by the day albeit in a different print & layout format.

Last reviewed on December 8, 2020