Statewide Wastewater Operator Training Center


The training center mission is to develop and provide wastewater training to increase the knowledge and skills of plant operators and maintenance personnel, to improve plant compliance, and to optimize treatment effectiveness, efficiency and reliability.


All Board of Certification of Operating Personnel in Wastewater Treatment Plants records have been relocated to the Wastewater Branch of the Department of the Health. Please send all Board correspondence and applications to the following address for processing.

Board of Certification of Operating Personnel in Wastewater Treatment Plants
c/o Wastewater Branch
919 Ala Moana Blvd., Suite 309
Honolulu, HI 96814

In addition, all operator training course applications for the Statewide Wastewater Operator Training Center need to be sent in care of the Wastewater Branch of the Department of Health to be processed. Oahu operator training courses will still be conducted at the Statewide Wastewater Operator Training Center. For further information or questions, please call the Wastewater Branch at telephone 586-4294 or fax 586-4300 and state which program your call is in reference to. Thank you for your understanding and patience during this transition period as records are being relocated and reorganized.

Wastewater Branch is currently working with the University of Hawaii to continue operations of the Statewide Wastewater Operator Training Center.

Course Announcements will be posted as they become available. Other sources of training are Board approved online training courses, correspondence courses (e.g., California State University, Sacramento), and other approved training workshops or conferences.

Please be patient as we work to continue the operations of the training center and check back periodically on Board of Certification website for any updates.

Training Center Advisory Committee

An advisory committee listed below provides guidance on policies for the SWOTC.

Name Agency
Marshall Lum State of Hawaii
Allen Perry City and County of Honolulu
Dora Beck County of Hawaii
Edward Tschupp County of Kauai
Theodore Leong County of Maui
John Oka Lokelani Resort Corp.
Dennis Tulang AECOM Pacific, Inc.

Chapter 11-61 Hawaii Administrative Rules

Board of Certification

Get information about Board of Certification and Operator Certification requirements.

Training Program

The Training Center offers 63 different courses and conducts 95 sessions with 1,200 registrants participating in the program annually. Participants come from the counties, state and federal governments and private treatment facilities. The Training Center supports 460 wastewater treatment plant operators and 400 maintenance and supporting personnel such as pump station and collection system specialists, mechanics, electricians, inspectors, truck drivers and administrators.

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Annual Training Calendar

The calendar lists all training sessions scheduled to be presented during the coming fiscal year. It is an advance planning informational document only. The Training Center reserves the right to make any necessary changes in the training schedule.

Hawaii Wastewater Operator Training Center Schedule




Kauai Hilo Kona
July 202A/B, 306 102, 202A/B 202A/B 202A/B
August 101, 216 101 255 104
September 104, 217 103 104 214
October 201, 103, 218 211 205 110
November 219, 301 303 101 211
December 230, 265 201 201 105
January 202A/B 202A/B 202A/B
February 108/112 321 275A
March 210 108/112 251
April 212A 256 275B
May 212B 301 307
June 205 210 321


2014 Course Announcements

07/01/14-07/02/14: 306 – Process Control Laboratory
07/08/14-07/09/14: 202A (- Grade 1 & 2) & 202B – (Grade 3 & 4) Certification Examination Refresher
08/05/14-08/06/14: 101 – Basic Wastewater
08/12/14: 216 – Basic Wastewater Operator Math I
08/19/14-08/20/14: 102 – Basic Electricity and Reading Electrical Diagrams
09/17/14: 217 – Basic Wastewater Operator Math II
09/23/14-09/24/14: 104 – Collection System Basics
10/01/14-/10/02/14: 201 – Activated Sludge Process Control (Intermediate)
10/14/14-10/15/14: 103 – Plant Safety
10/21/14: 218 – Advanced Wastewater Operator Math III
11/05/14-11/06/14: 301 – Activated Sludge Skills Training Course (Advanced)
11/18/14: 219 – Advanced Wastewater Operator Math IV
12/01/14-12/02/14: 265 – Mechanical Maintenance X: Fundamentals of Instrumentation and Controls Liquid Level Measurements and Pressure Gauge and Calibration
12/16/14-12/17/14: 230 – Effluent Filtration

07/23/14-07/24/14: 102 – Basic Electricity and Reading Electrical Diagrams
07/30/14-07/31/14: 202A – (Grade 1 & 2) & 202B – (Grade 3 & 4) Certification Examination Refresher
08/20/14-08/21/14: 101 – Basic Wastewater
09/24/14-09/25/14: 103 – Plant Safety
10/15/14-10/16/14: 211 – Troubleshooting Pumps: Basics – POSTPONED TO NOVEMBER
10/22/14-10/23/14: 201 – Activated Sludge Process Control (Intermediate)
11/19/14-11/20/14: 211 – Troubleshooting Pumps: Basics
01/07/15-01/08/15: 303 – Chlorination Skills Training (Advanced)
01/21/15-01/22/15: 202A – (Grade 1 & 2) & 202B (Grade 3 &4) – Certification Examination Refresher
02/25/15: 108 – NPDES and UIC Permits and CWA Regulations & 112 – State Regulations
03/18/15-03/19/15: 210 – Sludge Handling: Sludge Thickening, Anaerobic Digestion, Aerobic Digestion and Dewatering (Intermediate)
04/22/15-04/23/15: 212A – Wastewater Facility Management (Volume I)
05/13/15-05/14/15: 212B – Wastewater Facility Management (Volume II)

07/29/14-07/30/14: 202A – (Grade 1 & 2) & 202B – (Grade 3 & 4) Certification Examination Refresher
08/12/14-08/13/14: 104 – Collection System Basics
11/18/14-11/19/14: 110 – Pumping Stations
01/07/15-01/08/15: 105 – Wastewater Mathematics
03/25/15-03/26/15: 251 – Mechanical Maintenance II: Bearings, Lubrication, Packing Seals
05/26/15-05/27/15: 307 – Sludge Conditioning, Thickening and Dewatering Skill Training Course (Advanced)

09/16/14-09/17/14: 214 – Community Wastewater Treatment (Intermediate)
01/21/15-01/22/15: 202A (Grade 1 & 2) & 202B (Grade 3 & 4) Certification Examination Roster
02/18/15-02/19/15: 275A Mechanical Maintenance: Pumps and Gears
04/22/15-04/23/15: 275B Mechanical Maintenance: Belts and Drives

07/15/14-07/16/14: 202A – (Grade 1 & 2) & 202B – (Grade 3 & 4) Certification Examination Refresher
08/12/14-08/13/14: 255 – Mechanical Maintenance VI: Vibration Analysis, Shaft Alignment I, Shaft Alignment II
09/23/14-09/24/14: 104 – Collection System Basics
10/07/14-10/08/14: 205 – Equipment Operations: Boilers, Heat Exchangers, Valves, Lubrication
11/19/14-11/20/14: 101 – Basic Wastewater
12/17/14-12/18/14: 201 – Activated Sludge Process Control (Intermediate)
01/21/15-01/22/15: 202A (Grade 1 & 2) & 202B (Grade 3 & 4) Certification Examination Refresher
02/25/15: 321 – Direct Responsible Charge
03/24/15: 108 – NPDES and UIC Permits and CWA Regulations & 112 – State Regulations
04/29/15-04/30/15: 256 – Mechanical Maintenance VII: Boilers and Boiler Equipment, Auxiliary Steam Turbines
05/26/15-05/28/15: 301 – Activated Sludge Skills Training Course (Advanced)

Training Session Announcement

A training session announcement for each course is sent to each county and private facilities at least two months prior to class start date. These announcements provide course descriptions, registration procedures and fee, dates of class, continuing educational unit points, location, time, instructor’s name and any prerequisites required for the class.


Training sessions are “open” to anyone – public and private. The registration form should be mailed at least two weeks prior to class start date with a check or money order payable to the “State Department of Health.” Cash is not accepted. Registration applications can be submitted prior to receiving Training Session Announcement for any classes that are scheduled on the training calendar.

  • Registration Application | .pdf |


A Certificate of Completion is awarded to those who successfully past the final examination. Those who attend all classes but elect not to take the final examination or do not successfully pass the examination, are not awarded a Certificate of Attendance.

Continuing Educational Unit (CEU)

CEUs are awarded upon the successful completion of each course. The number of CEUs vary for each course as determined by the Board of Certification of Operating Personnel in Wastewater Treatment Facilities. Training session announcements and the annual training calendar indicate the number of CEUs for each course.

Certificate of Achievement

Numerous training sessions are conducted throughout the year at the Training Center and Counties for upgrading the knowledge and skills of the State’s wastewater operators, laboratory technicians and maintenance personnel, as well as new employees who enter these areas of work each year. In recognition of the dedication and effort of the operators who attend these training sessions, a SPECIAL WASTEWATER PLANT OPERATIONS CERTIFICATE will be presented to operators who meet certain minimum requirements.

  • Application for Certificate of Achievement | .pdf |
  • Instruction Sheet for Application for Certificate of Achievement | .pdf |


The high quality of the faculty forms the nucleus of the Training Center. Professional engineers, university professors, laboratory specialists, operators, and maintenance specialists make up the more than 90 part-time instructors.

Request for Public Records

  • Request for Public Records for Training Center and Board of Certification | .pdf |


Department of Health – Wastewater Branch
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Honolulu, Hawaii 96814
Phone: (808) 586-4294
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