Environmental Council


Hawaii Revised Statutes 341-3 establishes the Environmental Council. The Environmental Council has 15 members appointed by the Governor with the advice and consent of the Senate.  The members are appointed to assure a broad and balanced representation of educational, business, and environmentally pertinent disciplines and professions.  The OEQC Director serves as an ex-officio voting member of the Council.

The Council serves as a liaison between the Director and the public on matters concerning ecology and environmental quality. The Council is attached to the Department of Health for administrative purposes. Please visit the Environmental Council member page for further information on Council members.

Contact the at Council at oeqchawaii@doh.hawaii.gov or write to them at 235 South Beretania Street, Suite 702, Honolulu, HI 96813.


The Environmental Council meets according to Hawaii Administrative Rules 11-201 Environmental Council Rules of Practice and Procedure.

The Council generally meets monthly. Agendas are posted to the Lt. Governor’s website approximately one week prior to the meeting to conform with sunshine requirements. Draft and final meeting minutes are prepared within the time provided under the sunshine law. All past agendas and meeting minutes, including ones for committees, are available here.

Submissions for the Council’s consideration on an agenda item should be submitted before the day of the meeting so that Council members may have an opportunity to review them. The OEQC will make every effort to make meeting materials available prior to the meeting. At the meeting, at least one hard copy of materials will be provided in a public folder.

Date Agenda Minutes
01/10/17 .pdf NA
12/13/16 Cancelled NA
11/09/16 .pdf .pdf (draft)
10/11/16 Cancelled NA
09/13/16 .pdf .pdf (draft)
08/09/16 .pdf .pdf (draft)
07/15/16 .pdf .pdf (draft)
06/23/16 .pdf .pdf (final)
05/10/16 .pdf in prep
04/12/16 .pdf .pdf (final)
03/08/16 .pdf .pdf (final)
02/23/16 .pdf .pdf (final)
09/17/15 .pdf .pdf (final)
08/20/15 .pdf .pdf (final)