You can use your search engine to explore various websites related to neurotrauma (traumatic brain injury, spinal cord injury, stroke). The following are major websites which you may want to visit and from which you can link to other sites of interest. Before accessing these websites, you may want to read about some useful tips from Disability We also have informational links on Personal Care Skills and Tips for Informal Caregivers which you can visit.

Cerebrovascular Disease and Stroke Resources

Mayo Medical Center’s Stroke Education – Division of Cerebrovascular Disease describes stroke, signs, causes, risk factors, treatment and recovery.  

National Aphasia Association – promotes public education, rehabilitation, research and support services.  

National Institute on Neurological Disorders and Stroke – an excellent website on neurological disorders.

National Stroke Association – contact point for the Stroke Center Network, an online community of patients and practitioners, including guides to risk factors.

Spinal Cord Injury Resources

American Spinal Injury Association – professional organization for the education of physicians and clinicians about spinal cord injuries.

Craig Hospital – a leading spinal cord and acquired brain injury rehabilitation hospital in U.S.

National Spinal Cord Injury Association – programs, services and advocacy for those with spinal cord injury.

Christopher Reeve’s Paralysis Foundation – advocacy organization for research into spinal cord injuries.

Model Spinal Cord Injury Systems Dissemination Center – Educational materials and products, publications and presentations made by faculty and staff from The Institute for Rehabilitation and Research (TIRR).

Spinal Cord Injury Informational Network– advocacy, support and educational organization. 

Spinal Cord Injury Resource Center – a source of information on spinal cord injury, anatomy, updates, etc.  

Traumatic Brain Injury Resources

Brain Injury Association of America – offers a vast array of information and resources concerning brain injuries; excellent site!

Brain Injury Association of Hawaii – offers information and referral on supports and advocacy to survivors of brain injury, their families, friends and caregivers. A newsletter, listing of website links and a calendar of events is posted on their website.

Center for NeuroSkills – Traumatic Brain Injury Resource Guide.

Craig Hospital – a leading spinal cord and acquired brain injury rehabilitation hospital in U.S. 

Defense and Veterans Brain Injury Center – The Department of Defense and the Department of Veterans Affairs have collaborated to develop an integrated disease management system for traumatic brain injury (TBI) patients. Their mission is to serve active duty military, their dependents and veterans with TBI through state-of-the-art medical care, innovative clinical research initiatives, and educational programs.

Hawaii’s Department of Education – Neurotraining Therapist website – provides information on the Neurotraining Therapist Program, its services, and key information for DOE staff, parents and others.

National Association of State Head Injury Administrators – assisting state governments to promote partnerships and building systems to meet the needs of individuals with brain injury and their families.

National Centers for Disease Control and Prevention – a search of CDC for information on traumatic brain injury.

National Resource Center on Traumatic Brain Injury – information for professionals and individuals with brain injuries on intervention programs, assessment tools, etc.

Traumatic Brain Injury Technical Assistance Center – nationwide state planning, programs, grants, information, etc., for non-members and members.