329 Registration Card Q & A

It’s NOT okay to drive a motor vehicle when under the influence of medical cannabis.

329 Card Questions

Who can enter a dispensary? – Valid patients and caregivers 18 years of age and older may enter a dispensary. Please be advised that you must have your valid 329 card and a valid state drivers license, valid state I.D., or a valid passport book (not a passport card).

Minor patients may enter a dispensary only if they are accompanied by the caregiver named on their 329 card. Both the minor patient and the caregiver must present their valid 329 card and a valid state drivers license, valid state I.D., or a passport book (not a passport card). If the minor patient has neither I.D. listed above, they may take their birth certificate.

I have not applied for my renewal card just yet, is there a cutoff date to apply for renewal? NO – but you are only protected while the card is valid and you can apply for a renewal up to 60 days before the expiry date. COMPLETE applications are processed in the order received.  To avoid interruption of coverage and protection under the law, you should apply as soon as allowable.

Will the new DOH cards look the same as the PSD card? NO – DOH will be issuing cards that are smaller, about the size of a business card, and that resemble other medical cards.  The DOH Medical Cannabis Program Registration Cards (329 Cards) are NOT be blue.  They will be white with the DOH logo in color.

Is it a requirement that I carry my registration card? YES,  you must carry both your 329 Card and your Valid ID whenever you are in possession of your medical cannabis.  This is for your protection and is a requirement in the DOH Administrative Rules 11-160-31 (a).