Changes to Your 329 Card


The change forms have been consolidated into one (1) packet and starting May 1, 2016, any old versions of the change forms will no longer be accepted and returned to you. Please click on the links below for the Change Form Packet Checklist and the CBD-329 Change Form Packet.

A Change Form Packet is required for the following:

  • Replacement Card (the patient lost their 329 card, the 329 card has been damaged, the 329 card was stolen, etc.)
  • Update Information – such as changes to grow site, caregiver, name (i.e. married), etc. OR changes to a residence or mailing address that is NOT tied to a grow site; add, remove or change an email address or phone number, etc.
  • Void Request (the patient is no longer interested in being enrolled in the program)

Do I have to notify DOH of changes in information? YES – Qualifying patients must notify DOH of changes in information within 10 working days (increased from five). Qualifying patients should report ANY change to the information that was submitted for the qualifying patient or the primary caregiver in their annual application packet. Failure to make a notification of change may result in revocation of your 329 Card in accordance with 11-160-33 (f), HAR.

Do I need to notify DOH if I want to change primary caregiver? YES – You must notify DOH of ANY CHANGE in information, including a change in primary caregiver, within 10 working days, AND you must request a replacement registration card if any of the information on your registration card changes. This includes change of name, change of caregiver’s name, change of caregiver, change of grow site location. Remember, until the new registration cards are issued, the new caregiver is not authorized to act as the patient’s primary caregiver and will not be afforded protection under the law.

Is there a fee for a replacement registration card? YES – The fee for a replacement card is $16.50, which includes the $1.50 portal administration fee. All fees must be in the form of a Cashier’s Check or Money Order made payable to the State of Hawaii Department of Health.

How do I notify DOH of changes to the information I submitted on my application? You MUST use the CBD-329 Change Form Packet to request changes. Do not return your current card until you receive your replacement card. Incomplete forms will be returned. Click the links below for the Change Form Packet Checklist and the Change Form Packet.

329 Change Form Packet Checklist (revised 6/16/16)Please, please, please refer to this document when filling out the Change Form Packet as it will help you submit a completed packet to this program. Incomplete or inconsistent packets will be returned for corrections and will delay your request.

CBD-329 The Change Form PacketYou must submit the entire packet (total of 5 pages) including any supporting documentation as outlined in 329 Change Form Packet Checklist . A copy of the valid ID used to register is required for ALL changes.

Please submit your CBD-329 The Change Form Packet along with any/all supporting documentation (as outlined in the 329 Change Form Packet Checklist (revised 6/16/16) via U.S. postal mail to: The Medical Cannabis Registry Program; 4348 Waialae Avenue, #648; Honolulu, Hawaii 96816

In the unfortunate event that a patient has passed, the certifying physician is required to submit the Request to Void by Physician form to: The Medical Cannabis Registry Program; 4348 Waialae Avenue, #648; Honolulu, Hawaii 96816

Does the Registration Card expire? YES – Registration cards are valid for one year. The registration card will state the expiration date on it. Patients must renew (reapply) annually and are responsible for submitting a renewal application in a timely manner to ensure there is no gap in their registration. ALL replacement 329 Cards will have the SAME expiration date as the original card but will be assigned a NEW number.


It’s NOT okay to drive a motor vehicle when under the influence of medical cannabis.