Family Health Services

Family Health Services on Kauai continues the mission of Family Health Services Division which is “To assure the availability of and access to preventative and protective health services for individuals and families by providing leadership in collaboration with communities and public-private partners.” On Kauai, programs include the following:

Phone: (808) 241-3565


Women, Infants and Children (WIC)
A federally funded Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for pregnant, breastfeeding and postpartum women, and children under the age of 5 who meet an eligibility criteria. Kauai WIC participants receive nourishing supplemental foods, nutritional education and breastfeeding promotion. For more information:

Phone: (808) 241-3080


Children with Special Health Needs Program 
Provides information and referral, outreach, care coordination, social work, and medical nutrition therapy for eligible children age 0-21 years who have or may have long term or chronic physical conditions. Pediatric cardiology, neurology, and nutrition clinics are provided at the Kauai District Health Office. Limited financial assistance for medical specialty services including transportation to Honolulu is provided for eligible children who have no other available resources. For more information:

Phone: (808) 241-3376


Kauai Early Intervention Program (KEIP)
Under the Early Intervention Section–is a federal and state-mandated program that provides services to support the development of infant and toddlers from birth to three years of age. Children are eligible for services if they have a delay in any of the areas of development (Physical, Cognitive, Communication, Social or emotional, and Adaptive)or are at-risk for delays due to a biological or environmental condition. The Department of Health care coordinators work in partnership with Easter Seals Hawaii – Kauai Center to provide services such as physical, occupational and speech/language therapy, family training and support, care coordination, nutrition, audiological testing, psychological support, and assistive technology. There is no cost for services. For more information: 

Phone: (808) 245-7141


Maternal Child Health (MCH)
The Maternal and Child Health Coordinator collaborates with community partners and health and human services agencies on Kauai to promote health for families, with special attention for pregnant women and young children. The Coordinator facilitates initiatives to reduce and prevent family violence, unintended pregnancy, and tobacco, drug and alcohol addiction. The Coordinator also promotes improved oral health, better access to perinatal services, and improved assessment and surveillance of maternal and child populations. For more information:

Phone: (808) 241-3427


STD/AIDS Prevention
Free STD testing (Chlamydia, Gonorrhea, & Syphilis) for uninsured/underinsured. Testing for Herpes, HPV, and other infections available only through your private physician. Sliding Scale Medical Services available at Hoʻola Lahui Hawaii- 240-0170 (East), 240-0140 (West).

Phone: (808) 821-2741