Employment Opportunities

The Harm Reduction Service Branch, Clinic and Field Services Section, seeks staff for Oahu to identify, trace, and contain gonococcal infections, especially those with diminished antibiotic susceptibility.

How to Apply

  1. Please send all application materials in one email to DOH.spp@doh.hawaii.gov with subject line beginning “Hawaii GC application” and giving the job for which you are applying and your name.  Include the following in your email:
    1. A one-page cover letter clearly explaining your interest, suitability, and availability for the position.
    2. A resume or c.v. specifying applicable education and employment history, highlighting relevant skills and accomplishments.
    3. A list of references, with current contacting information, and your statement of permission to contact those persons in connection with your application.
    4. A sample work product of yours—report, publication, data analysis, case study, project specification, work plan, etc.–illustrating capabilities relevant to your application.
    5. Your contacting details, indicating preferred modes and times of contact.

Position Descriptions

Epidemiologist Coordinator ($ 4,231 – $ 4,764 per month)

Position Description – Coordinator; Supplement – Coordinator

  • Graduation from an accredited college or university with a Masters degree in Epidemiology or in Public Health with emphasis on Epidemiology and/or Biostatistics.
  • 2 ½ years of progressively responsible professional work experience that required the knowledge and application of methods to identify, prevent and control communicable diseases.
  • Primary responsibility is to design and implement work unit plans and objectives.

Informatician ($ 4,231 – $ 4,764 per month)

  • Graduation from an accredited college or university with a bachelor’s degree in information technology, computer sciences, or a related field of study.
  • 1 ½ years of progressively responsible professional work experience that required an aptitude for planning, development, implementation and review of large-scale electronic data application systems.
  • Key responsibilities include planning and organizing activities relating to electronic surveillance for infectious disease events on schedule and in accordance with work units needs.

Outreach Field Nurse ($ 6,114 to $ 6,612 per month)

  • Graduation from an accredited school of nursing with a valid license to practice as a registered nurse in the State of Hawaii required by start date.
  • Professional experience as a registered nurse working is sexual or reproductive health is preferred.
  • Key responsibilities include public health detailing and other in-service trainings for community-based health care practices to improve identification and treatment of gonorrhea infections; support to primary care providers in circumstances of suspected treatment failure, and to Disease Intervention Specialists with field-based treatments.

Disease Intervention Specialist ($ 3,911 to $ 4,402 per month) (2 positions)

  • Graduation from an accredited college or university with a bachelor’s degree that includes completion of 2 introductory biological science courses plus 1 additional biological science course beyond the introductory level.
  • 1 ½ years of progressively responsible professional work experience that required the knowledge and application of the principles, practices, methods and techniques used in the identification, prevention and control of communicable diseases.
  • Surveillance, investigation, and epidemiologic control of gonococcal infections; includes characterizing sexual networks identified in the transmission of gonorrhea, as found through case investigations. This position engages in public health detailing with community-based health care providers and health care facilities to promote STD health service in general and gonorrhea case finding and control in particular.

Clerk ($ 2,261 to $ 2,645 per month)

  • High school diploma or equivalent.
  • 6 months of Basic Experience which demonstrated knowledge of English grammar, spelling, arithmetic; ability to read and understand oral and written instructions; write simply and directly and compare words and numbers quickly and accurately; AND 1 year Clerical Experience which involved the performance of a variety of clerical tasks and demonstrate knowledge of office practices and procedures; and the ability to carry out procedure in clerical work systems, and operate various kinds of office equipment and technologies.
  • The primary purpose of this position is to provide skilled data organization, entry, extraction, and verification from laboratory reports, case reports, public health detailing plans and activities, investigations and investigation meetings, clinical records, supply orders, and supply deliveries.

Last updated September 5, 2017.