Attachment D Administrative Directive 97-02

           ATTACHMENT D


State of Hawaii Letterhead






        November 5, 1997




TO: All Department and Agency Heads


SUBJECT: Communication Access for Persons with Disabilities to Programs, Services, and Activities of the State of Hawaii


The State of Hawaii shall ensure that all individuals with disabilities have communication access to programs, services, and activities of the State of Hawaii which are equally effective as that provided to individuals without disabilities. To meet the requirements of this directive, departments and agencies of the State of Hawaii shall provide specific communication access in the form of auxiliary aids or services upon the request of a qualified individual with a disability.


Auxiliary aids include services, equipment, or devices that provide effective communication access to people with disabilities. They may include, as examples, qualified Sign Language interpreters; real-time captioning services; open and closed captioning services; print scanners; readers; or materials in accessible formats such as large print, audio cassette, or Braille.


In choosing an auxiliary aid or service, departments and agencies shall give primary consideration to the aid or service requested by the individual, unless the department or agency can show that another means can be provided which is as effective as communication provided to others.


When securing the services of Sign Language interpreters or other communication assistants, departments and agencies shall follow the guidelines for the “Utilization of Sign Language/


English and Oral Interpreter Services,” and pursuant to Hawaii Administrative Rules Chapter 11-218, as adopted by the Hawaii State Coordinating Council on Deafness.


When departments and agencies engage in telephone communications with the public, equally effective communication with individuals with disabilities, including hearing and speech disabilities, shall be provided through the use of a text telephone or the telephone relay service. Departments and agencies shall ensure that all employees are trained in the proper use of both a text telephone and the telephone relay service. Those departments and agencies that provide direct telephone access to emergency services, operate public hot lines, or provide information where timeliness and confidentiality are critical, must have a text telephone; reliance on the telephone relay service is not considered to be an acceptable alternative.


Departments and agencies may establish reasonable timeframes for individuals to request the provision of auxiliary aids or services in order to respond adequately and fill those requests.




Benjamin Cayetano's Signature as Governor of the State of Hawaii




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