Signs, Symptoms, and Triggers

Asthma can affect anyone but occurs most often in childhood.  Asthma is characterized by recurrent episodes of wheezing, breathlessness, chest tightness, and nighttime or early morning coughing.  Complications from asthma range from minor to life-threatening.  Therefore, it is very important to manage your asthma and carefully monitor children with asthma.

An asthma attack can be brought on by exposure to allergens and irritants, such as dust mites, mold, cockroaches, pet dander and secondhand smoke, as well as cold or flu virus and changes in the weather, such as VOG.  Although asthma cannot be cured, most people can control asthma so that they have fewer symptoms and can live healthy, active lives.  There are simple actions people can take to have asthma diagnosed, treated, and controlled.

Check out CDC’s Common Asthma Triggers to learn more about triggers in the home, workplace, and outdoors.