Hawaii Asthma Initiative

Hawaii Asthma Initiative Logo

The Hawaii Asthma Initiative (HAI) is a broad-based, multi-organizational, and statewide community collaborative. The HAI goal is to bring the public and private sectors together in an effort to increase the quality and years of healthy life for people impacted by asthma, as well as eliminate health disparities in Hawaii. This initiative is supported by the HSACP and the CDC. The HSCAP has mobilized community support and a dedicated group of enthusiastic partners willing to commit their professional expertise and resources towards the implementation of activities outlined in the Hawaii Asthma Plan. The HSACP continues to broaden the circle of collaborating partners by continually seeking involvement of organizations and agencies that serve ethnic populations, high-risk groups, and  rural communities.

The HAI is comprised of four work-groups charged to provide statewide technical assistance and support to asthma stakeholders and partners in the following content areas:

  1. Data and Surveillance
  2. Individual, Family, and Community
  3. Health Professional
  4. Environmental


These work-groups are open to all asthma stakeholders and include volunteer representatives from the various sectors and disciplines of Hawaii’s state asthma health system – physicians, public health professionals, respiratory therapists, pharmacists, emergency medical care providers, managed care directors, state health department staff, nurses/nurse practitioners, community health specialists, health educators, school personnel, community organizations and coalitions, program administrators and planners, and health policy officials.